It was always a dream to operate my own private practice. Mullum Road Clinic, Ringwood, first opened in 2009. We have expanded to Croydon in 2019, Eltham in 2020 and Warrandyte in 2023. All five clinics offer something unique. 

LeanneElmo photo
  • Ringwood has several practitioners using dogs in the therapy room, has Psychologists with a broad range of experience and interests, and an amazing and loyal reception team. 
  • Eltham will be focusing on working with and empowering girls and women on the Autism Spectrum, also with dogs in the therapy room. 
  • Croydon has both Psychologists and Allied Health, including Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy, with therapy dogs being utilised in the majority of cases.
  • Warrandyte – offers art and photography therapy and walks along the Yarra river. Practitioners have chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats or dogs
  • Panton Hill offers a one of a kind experience out in nature - horses, cats, dogs, goats, alpacas, guinea pigs, chickens, lizards, rats

My lived experience of growing up in a family with members on the spectrum and then having a child on the spectrum was a driving force to enter psychology and to find ways to assist other families with similar experiences. My other passion was, for as long as I can remember, animals. The idea of involving animals in therapy, particularly horses and dogs, was a concept I had entertained for many years. In the past decade, this has also become a reality. I have been fortunate enough to be able to combine my two passions, Autism and AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy). 

Living on a 30-acre property, approximately 20 minutes from Ringwood, also made this dream become reality. Being able to share the animals and the farm environment with clients is incredibly rewarding. I love those moments when a client says something like “Wow, I have never been up close with an alpaca/horse in real life, let alone touched and interacted with one”. It reminds me not to take my everyday interactions with the animals for granted. The animals offer us so much, asking so little in return. The animals and the farm environment/outdoors provide a therapeutic tool like no other.