Animal Assisted Therapy – New additions to the farm!

Wilbur and Jessie joined the farm family last Wednesday. Wilbur (3 years) and Jessie (9 months) are miniature donkeys. They have settled in well and seem happy in their new environment. Wilbur heehaws every morning when he sees the family stirring and getting up for work. Wilbur has a really loud heehaw which echoes through the valley. The horse herd (both big and small) were curious, but wary when the little donkeys first arrived. However, they have quickly adjusted to having new farm members. Wilbur and Jessie will be participating in Equine Assisted Therapy sessions with Leanne and the Therapy dogs. Apparently, donkeys are very affectionate and enjoy being around humans. Interestingly, donkeys do not like their ears being touched.

Wilbur and Jessie appear to be loving all the attention they have been receiving and are sure to delight everyone who meets and interacts with them. The other new farm family members include two little rescue kittens, Violet and Pepper (named by some of Leanne’s clients). The cute, friendly and rather active kittens are gradually becoming accustomed to the many dogs on the farm.

Violet and Pepper love wrestling one another and can run very fast when frightened. They have been a great asset in teaching children how to regulate their behaviour. The kittens will only engage with humans in play when they feel safe. This means we need to lower our voices and slow down our body movement to encourage the kittens to join us in play.