Autism Expo 2015 A Success!

Mullum Road Clinic Psychologist therapy dogs were a crowd favourite at the first ever Autism Health & Well Being Expo. Our psychologists helped many children, teenagers and adults all enjoy patting and interacting with Casper, Parti and Bronson. Some were hesitant at first but soon warmed up to our Therapy Dogs, as many came close for a friendly meet and greet.

It was hard to resist with the choice of fully trained Therapy Dog Casper, a Golden Retreiver that has a very patient and good nature. Then there was our newest addition, cute twelve week old Therapy Pup in training Parti. A Poodle with much energy and fun. Also Bronson a standard Australian Labradoodle, a Therapy Dog in training and is a gorgeous chocolate colour.

Autism Expo, Therapy Dogs

Leanne Winter, Parti & Casper giving a talk.

Clinical Psychologist Leanne Winter participated in a talk about Therapy Dogs and their benefits. National television presenter John Deeks introduced Leanne Winter, Casper the Therapy Dog and Parti the Therapy Pup in training for a fun and informative talk in the main Grevillea Room.

Psychologist Christine Grove and Therapy Dog in trainng Bronson participated in The Mullum Road Clinic Psychologist exhibit in the afternoon. Bronson enjoyed greeting all the visitors too and helped give his canine friends a break. We all met new people and also some familiar faces came to say hello.

Mullum Road clinic staff member Jennifer Patullo and her family made a visit to the exhibit and also enjoyed helping out.

It was a busy day and Casper and Parti took several breaks throughout the day. Our Therapy Pup Parti needed to take several naps inbetween all the excitement of the day! Parti fitted in a stroll in the park before the Teen Soccer, organised expo activity. There were many fun and intereactive activities planned on the day.

Therapy Dog, Autism Expo

Therapy Pup Parti taking a break in the park.

Casper was taken on a walk to the park and also accompanied Leanne Winter when visiting the other exhibits. Often stopping to say hello to everyone. A favourite exhibit was the friendly Police exhibit, as both Therapy Dogs Casper and Parti enjoyed a seat on the police motorbikes.

It was a very busy, fun and successful day. The Mullum Road Clinic exhibit had many visitors throughout the day and we enjoyed meeting everyone. It was great being able to share any information, especially on Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs, Autism, other Autism Spectrum Disorders and about the Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists.

10% of profits from the 2015 Autism Health & Well Being Expo will be donated to Aspergers Victoria.

Therapy Dogs, Autism, Leanne winter, Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists

Setting up the Autism Expo Exhibit

Casper & Parti taking a break from all the excitement.

Casper & Parti taking a break from all the excitement.

Animal Assisted Therapy, Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists, Leanne Winter

Visiting the friendly Police exhibit.