Brie and Gouda

Brie and Gouda are Tom's two therapy guinea pigs. They are curious of anyone and everything and fall in love with anyone that will feed them any type of food.

Gouda is the white and black one who is the most curious and affectionate. She'll have a sniff of anyone that she thinks might feed her something and will be the first to squeak for food when Tom brings someone into a session.

Brie is a little more cautious of people and is the younger of the pair. She's slow to trust but no less curious than Gouda is and can often be bribed into saying hello with the promise of food.

Together, they love activities such as eating, rearranging their cage, looking for food, chasing each other around, begging for food, squeaking for food, and eating.

I work with...

Thomas O’Hare

Provisional Psychologist