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Cashew is a four-year-old rescue dog who has a bit of everything in him! He was listed as a Staffy X. Staffies are described as affectionate, loyal, and reliable, which perfectly describes Cashew!

Cashew’s favourite activities include:

  • Snuggling! Cashew constantly seeks affection... he is forever pushing my hands with his nose when I’m trying to work on my laptop!! He has also been known to approach strangers and demand pats!
  • Going for long walks, especially when this involves a stop at the oval where he can run around with other dogs. Cashew loves playing with other dogs, however, he gives up chase quite easily and rolls around in the grass on his back!
  • Chasing flies. Cashew is a big softie, except when it comes to flies!
  • Giving me puppy dog eyes when I’m eating ice cream!

Cashew also loves my 16 year old cat, Bernadette. He is very polite and tries to give her kisses, which sometimes results in him getting bopped on the nose.

The best thing about Cashew is his beautiful nature. He has this face that just makes me want to tell him all my problems! He is super cuddly and quiet; I’ve hardly heard him bark.

The naughtiest thing Cashew has ever done is steal four bread rolls off the bench when I wasn’t home!!

The hardest thing about being a pet owner is leaving the house without him! We are both so excited to complete our Therapy Dog Certification so Cashew can accompany me at work. As for the best thing about being a pet owner, there are just too many things to count. Cashew is the absolute joy of my life.

I work with...

Holly Pretorius

Provisional Psychologist