Therapy Dogs Casper & Parti – on Instagram

Casper the golden retriever and Parti the poodle Therapy Dogs are now featured on a fun and informative Instagram. You can view photos of their adventures from throughout the week, which can include fun, cute photos and also at work or in training.

Clinical Psychologist Leanne Winter offers Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and works with therapy dogs Casper and Parti.  Casper the golden retriever was the first fully trained and accredited AAT Dog to work at Mullum Road Clinic. Parti the poodle is the second therapy dog to work as a team with Leanne Winter.

Casper is a white golden retriever and is almost four years old. He is very gentle and friendly, loves nachos and can do high fives!  The Golden Retriever’s intelligence coupled with his tolerant easy to train nature makes him a popular choice for being involved in obedience training. Casper is a fully accredited Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) dog.

ABOUT PARTIParti the Therapy dog
Parti is a white Poodle with a Parti-colored coat (spotted) and is approaching being one years old. Parti has much energy, is fun, also has patience and enjoys going on regular walks. The poodle breed is an intelligent dog which helps make them highly trainable.

We would love you to follow Casper and Parti in their adventures as they enjoy regular walks, time with friends, dog grooming, training, working at the clinic and even having a snooze!

You can find their Instagram link on the Leanne Winter (Clinical Psychologist) page
by clicking on this link @casper_parti_therapydogs

We currently have four Therapy Dogs at Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists. Bronson the Labradoodle, Milo the Rescue Dog, Casper the Golden Reteiver and Parti the Poodle. You can also meet our Therapy Dogs at an upcoming Melbourne Autism Expo this April.

The Melbourne Autism Expo provides an opportunity for children, teenagers, families and adults to access useful, practical information, products and services related to ASD.
Melbourne Autism Expo – 2016 Celebrating difference Sat April 30th at the Karralyka Centre, Ringwood, Vic. Early Bird tickets are available until the end of March.
More information can be found on our Links page