Chelsea and Gem 2023

After twelve years of working in the field of psychological research, I began my career as a registered Psychologist in 2016 following the completion of a Masters of Educational Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Currently I am completing the Educational and Developmental Psychology Registrar program.

I have been providing evidence-based psychological services to children within the private practice setting for seven years. I have a particular interest in early intervention and working with preschool/primary school aged children taking a child-centred approach using a range of therapies/supports to suit the child’s needs and goals. I have experience in conducting comprehensive psychological assessments and observations, and working in the areas of anxiety, depression, behavioural and learning challenges, school refusal while also offering tailored supports for neurodivergent individuals.

As a psychologist, I like to take my time to really understand an individual’s lived experience including honouring their perspectives and individuality while also collaborating with families and other significant individuals in the young person’s life. I use a variety of activities in sessions that are interactive including drawing, crafts, reading books, watching videos, making posters, and by the end you often have something to take home with you. I will be working with my 2-year-old calico kittycat, Gem who like me is young at heart, playful, and gentle (her much older sister, Juniper, may also make an appearance). For Gem’s physical and mental wellbeing there may be times when she’s unable to come to the clinic but our sessions will continue to be interactive and engaging.

Please note: At this time, I only offer services to preschool/primary school aged children, and I do not have any availability for psychological assessments; however, this will be reviewed at the end of 2024.

We look forward to meeting you! 

Gem and Juniper 2024

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