Hi, I’m Chelsea. I like romantic dinners (well, just food in general) and long walks on the beach and digging. Oh, and I like chewing things, but I don’t chew couches – anymore.

I also like pats, cuddles, and scratches on my chest and behind my ears especially. I love all people and I am very friendly. I like to lie on the couch next to you while I’m ‘working’ – sometimes I fall asleep, that’s good too. Occasionally I’m a bit anxious (aren’t we all?) and noise sensitive but a game, a good scratch and kind words can fix that.

My special visitors are teaching me new things like how to fetch and shake hands! I’m not always obedient of course but I try. I’m just learning to be a therapy dog (I’ve done Grade 1) but my special person – Kaileen – says I’m doing a great job. I help people relax and feel good, then I feel good too, and then I go to sleep (it’s not really a hard job!).

I’m one and a half years old and a sweet little grey border collie. Kaileen says I’m unique and special, but aren’t we all?

I work with...

Dr Kaileen Pearson