Hi!  My name is Chudley and I am a Standard Groodle.  That means that my Dog Mum was a Golden Retriever and my Dog Dad was a Standard Poodle.  I am very large (I weigh around 40kg), but I am definitely a gentle giant!  I was born on 16th October 2015.  Can you work out how old I am?

My Mum’s name is Alexandra and she takes me to work with her so that I can play with people all day and get lots of cuddles.  Mum named me after a word she found in the Harry Potter series.  The Chudley Cannons is Ron Weasley’s favourite Quidditch team and their team colours are orange and black.  When Mum first met me, my coat was bright orange and I had a big black nose.  She thought it was the perfect fit!  Sometimes I get called Cuddly Chudley, Chuddles, Chuds, Small Llama, Fluffy Pants, Happy Man, Kangaroodle and lots more silly names that she comes up with!

When Mum first brought me home, I already had a big sister called Luna.  Luna is four years older than me.  Luna wasn’t too keen on me to start with, but I think she’s come to love me.  She certainly likes chasing me around the house!  Luna’s a really funny looking thing.  Mum tells me it’s because she’s a “cat” but I’m not really sure what that means.

When I was about three years old, I got two new siblings to play with.  Willow is a black Husky with brown eyes and she’s one year older than me.  Lincoln’s a red Husky with blue eyes and he’s two years older than me.  The Huskies make our family lots of fun by causing mischief!

My favourite things to do are to get cuddles, sit on people’s laps (what do you mean I don’t fit??), hold people’s hands, and play with the ball.  I also love going to the park or the beach!  I am learning lots of new tricks all the time and I like to show these to anyone who will watch.  My favourite foods are pupcakes and pupcorn – sometimes I get to eat these on my birthday.  My least favourite foods tend to be vegetables – yuck!  I love getting pats all over my body (especially on my bottom or tummy), but I don’t really like it when people touch my paws or tail.

Sometimes I get really muddy or wet when I’m having fun with my friends and family, but luckily for Mum I also love getting a bath!  I get a bath at least every two weeks so that I am clean and soft when Mum takes me to work with her.

I work with...

Alexandra Ord