Milo on Instagram, Due to popular demand

Thank you everyone for asking about Milo!

Therapy Dog Milo is a rescue, cross-breed dog and his little journey that he has taken,will be logged in with us on Instagram.
Feel free to follow him, like his photos and enjoy seeing his journey.

Psychologist Tess Shashyan enjoys working with Milo as a human-canine team at Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists.

To follow their adventures, click on
this Instagram link; @milothemutt.rescue.therapydog

More Information about Milo the Therapy Dog at Mullum Road Clinic can be found on our Therapy Dog page.
Psychologist Tess Shashyan also has more detailed information on the Our Team page.

Milo the Therapy Dog and Psychologist Tess Shashyan look forward to sharing their adventures.