Emily White Photo Croydon

Emily is a provisional psychologist registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She completed her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and her Master of Professional Psychology at La Trobe University. 

Emily has experience working as a Disability Support Worker, where she has built relationships with a diverse range of clients and their families, aiding them in achieving their goals and addressing mental health challenges.

During her fifth year at university, Emily undertook a placement with the Department of Education in the Program for Students with Disabilities. In this capacity, she worked with children diagnosed with Autism and those with challenging behaviours. Additionally, Emily was involved in group interventions designed to assist children facing emotional regulation difficulties. 

Emily has worked in schools performing cognitive assessments and offering classroom recommendations for children dealing with learning difficulties. This is an area she has particular skills in by providing support for cognitive capacities and different learning abilities such as Intellectual Disabilities (ID), Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autistic individuals and other mental health issues.  

Emily adopts a therapeutic approach that prioritises collaboration, client-centeredness, and empathy, emphasizing the significance of building trust within the therapeutic relationship. Tailoring her interventions based on the unique needs of each client, Emily employs a versatile range of approaches to collaboratively and individually work with her clients to address their goals and wants. 

Emily enjoys spending her free time outdoors and spending time with her maltese shih tzu dog named Alfie.