Equine Assisted Therapy – 2017

Equine Assisted Therapy incorporates a range of treatments that includes activities with horses to help support physical, occupational, and emotional growth in people of all ages and helps create a compassion for all living things. Equine Assisted Therapy will be offered by Leanne Winter (Clinical Psychologist) in March this year.

Leanne is looking forward to attending an innovative Equine Assisted Therapy Practitioner Training Program, that involves a new Mindful and Relational Model that has a holistic approach.  The participants will also have the opportunity to contribute to an evidence based practice with it’s own EPI Research Tool.

About the Training Program

Leanne will be attending a three week intensive course on Equine Assisted Therapy. This involves three, 5 day Intensives  / Foundation Training Intensives / EPI Model Foundation Practitioner Training Program.

Leanne believes that animals may play a very therapeutic role in our lives. She is a passionate horse rider and in the past has broken in and trained her own horses using natural horsemanship techniques. A practitioner being experienced with horses and having a relationship with horses can enhance Equine Assisted Therapy.

What happens in Equine Assisted therapy?

Sessions occur in a safe and natural environment, such as a paddock, menage, round-yard or barn with a Trained and Certified Equine Assisted Therapy practitioner. There may be one or more horses participating in the session.
With an initial check in and initial assessment of the clients’ needs and issues, the client is offered a relational experience with the horse/s that is specific to the needs /issues presented. The client is offered some clear guidelines about the process, the horses, and supported in ways that will be appropriate.
Equine Assisted Therapy does not necessarily involve riding, but may include grooming, feeding and ground exercises

Who is Equine Assisted Therapy suitable for…

People who wouldn’t normally seek out regular counselling, for example adolescents or young children.
People wanting something different, they might have experienced a lot of counselling or Psychology before and find that they want to add to regular sessions. This can also include adults.

Mullum Road Clinic

More detailed information will become available soon, as the Practitioner Training Program is completed. We are looking forward to Equine Assisted Therapy extending our popular and innovative Animal Assisted Therapies.
If you are interested in Equine Assisted Therapy, we welcome your interest.
 *Bookings and inquiries are now been taken for sessions in March.

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