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Miniature Pony Herd


The oldest pony on the property, being approximately 20 years young. Charlie sees himself as the leader of the mini herd. Charlie has also taught many young people to ride over the years. Charlie enjoys carrots and loves a scratch.


The most recent addition to the mini herd, Snicker’s is a 3 year old miniature paint pony with a big personality. Snicker's has one blue eye and one brown eye which makes him quite unique. He is a cheeky young man with plenty of energy to run.


Nola is a sweet mare, with a gentle, calm and patient nature. Nola has also taught many little children to ride over the past decade. Nola enjoys being groomed and fussed over. Nola is also a great lawn mower, keeping the grass down around the house and sheds.


Rosie is a soft, curious brown and white paint miniature pony who has been part of the herd for several years now. Rosie is good mates with Nola and loves chasing the dogs when they walk through the paddock.


Chilli is also a fairly recent addition to the miniature herd. Chilli came from a very caring family with young children. Chilli was a colt when he arrived at Mullum Road Equine Assisted therapy farm, but was recently gelded so as to join the herd. Chilli has a crazy mop of red hair and a very soft muzzle.


Pier is the smallest of the miniature herd. He is very cute and handsome, however also very shy by nature. Pier is working on developing his self confidence amongst people.

Winter the Goat

Winter is our one and only goat who thinks he is a horse. Winter hangs out with the miniature herd and has a lot of personality. Winter loves visitors and is usually the first to say hello to new people. Winter loves a scratch between his horns and is very playful and intelligent.

Wilbur Mini Donkey

Jessie Mini Donkey

Big Horse Herd


The leader of the herd, Dixie has a very dominate and strong personality. Dixie has been on the property since she was 12 months of age, and is now approximately 18 years of age. Dixie enjoys her food and loves to canter up the hills. Dixie is a Clydie cross quarter horse.


Indie is a spirited mare who is expecting her very first foal in a matter of weeks. Indie can be difficult to get to know, and it is believed that she may have experienced some trauma as s young horse. Indie is not overly trusting of humans, but promises to be a loyal and dedicated mum.


Elmo is a beautifully natured American saddled Bred x Stock horse. Elmo carries himself beautifully and has a trusting and gentle personality. Elmo enjoys going trail riding and cantering up the road. Not much worries Elmo and he enjoys earning apples as a treat.


Chaos joined the herd mid 2017. Chaos is only young, and has not quite reached his second birthday. As such, Chaos still has a lot to learn, but he is willing and curious about life.

Chaos is a paint Clydie x Quarter horse. Chaos is best friends with Elmo and loves being scratched and groomed by anyone with the time to spoil him.


Like Chaos, Hurricane is similar in nature. Hurricane came from a horse stud at Clunes, Victoria. Hurricane is a paint quarter horse and a friendly and kind eye. Chaos appears to enjoy being around people and loves too chew on lucern hay.

Hurricane has much to learn, but has shown a willingness and ability to learn quickly. Hurricane will join the big herd once he has grown a bit more and can look after himself amongst the larger horses.