Georgina (also known as Georgie) is a big snuggle pot who loves to sit on your lap for a cuddle. Also known as the “parrot cat”, she will sometimes climb up on your shoulder. Georgina can usually be found in the farm office helping out the admin team. She has a sweet, gentle nature and is very patient with children.


Milo is the biggest cat and loves pats or cuddling up on your lap. He is super friendly and adventurous – make sure he doesn’t get in your car when you leave!


Mitzi is a timid girl and takes a bit of patience for her to warm up to you. She might run away when she first sees you, but don’t be offended; she doesn’t know you yet. Once she feels comfortable, Mitzi loves head and ear scratches.


Oatis is extremely friendly and may greet you on arrival. Beware of him trying to jump into your car, he will try! Oatis loves sunbaking when it is warm and getting lots of attention from clients and staff.


Pepper lives by himself up near the consultation rooms as he doesn’t get along with the other cats. He can relate to clients who feel socially isolated or excluded. Pepper is a very snuggly boy and might ask for a cuddle during your session.