9 week old domestic rats Huff and Puff will be joining us at Eltham!

Puff sometimes chirps to you and she is very cheeky, she also chirps to you when she is happy. She also likes to try and escape!

How we telluff and Puff apart is that Huff has a black dot after her stripe and has a straight black tail with a while sock on the end. Huff and Puff are very cute and calm, they are not scary at all and they do not bite.

Huff on the other hand loves to climb up on your shoulder and tickles you with her whiskers. Huff and Puff are very soft and friendly.

We work with...

Leanne Winter


B.A. (Psych) Grad. Dip. (Psych) M.C. (Psych) Grad. Dip. Sc. (ClinPsych) MAPS