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Registered Audiologist with Audiology Australia

Jude is a registered Audiologist with Audiology Australia.  She has undergraduate degrees in psychology, applied linguistics and music and a Masters degree in Clinical Audiology.  She is also a trained special education teacher.

Jude has experience in both diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology.  She has worked for many years in public and private practice and has specialised in educational audiology.  She will be providing auditory processing assessments at Mullum Road Clinic.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) refers to a range of symptoms that include difficulty understanding speech in background noise, challenges with remembering instructions, spelling and reading, and being easily distracted or finding it hard to pay attention in a classroom.

Auditory Processing Disorder is a condition that is advisable to exclude before investigating other conditions such as speech and language disorders, ADHD, ADD or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If a diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorder is obtained, Jude can provided targeted therapies both through listening activities and devices such as the Roger Focus, made by Phonak.

Jude makes her assessments and therapies fun and engaging.  She has a background in music and often incorporates musical games into her therapies as research has shown how beneficial music is in developing listening and literacy skills.

Jude lives with her family in outer eastern Melbourne and has a small suburban farm that keeps her busy!  In her spare time she looks after her two beloved dogs, a cat, 10 chickens and a duck!  Her dogs, Dobby and Winky, are currently undergoing training to become therapy dogs.  If you meet them at the clinic, give them a pat, as they have their ‘L’ plates on!

Client Groups
  • Children (3 years and older) and adults for hearing assessments;
  • Children (5 years and older) and adults for auditory processing assessments and therapies;
  • Children (2 years and older) and adults who require custom earplugs either due to grommet surgery, noise sensitivities or for musicians.
Service Specialties
  • Hearing assessments
  • Auditory Processing assessments
  • Auditory Processing therapy
  • Custom earplugs
  • Hearing aids