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7. Lincoln Therapy
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Groodle (Golden Retriever crossed Poodle)

Heyro! I am Lincoln, a lovable, gentle and cheeky Groodle with extra curls to get all the girls.  I am new to the world of “Speech Pupthology” but already love being Mum’s sidekick.

I will be undergoing the Animal Assisted training throughout the year as well as doing some awesome trick training. I love playing with all sorts of new friends at work and making them giggle with my goofy personality. Don’t mind me if I snuggle up close to you, fall asleep on your feet or drop my favourite toy in front of you. You will know I’m happy if you see my tail whip around in crazy circles. If you come up close to me, I might just give you a wet lick and you can check out my long butterfly eyelashes!

My hobbies include tasting the best ‘puppachino’s’ in town, playing fetch at the park and when my ‘hoomans’ aren’t looking hunting for smelly socks.

I am a super chill pup, that is a wonderful listener especially since Mum hasn’t taught me how to talk back yet. I  have a big heart and my super powers include knowing and responding to when my friends are feeling sad, worried or nervous.

Some ways I might join in to the speech pathology session include:

  • Being in the room: Being present in the room and sitting on my mat, encouraging shy clients to confidently come into the room and hang out with me.
  • Listening: I am an ‘pawesome’ listener and love hearing my clients learn how to communicate such as practicing speech sounds or different language targets.
  • Reward: Who needs toys as a reward, when you can play with me?!
  • Sensory Input: Provide sensory input (pat me, play tug with me, I can even sit on you!)
  • Social Skills/Inferencing: Mum might tell embarrassing stories about me, good and bad ones and the client can be the judge if I was a good or naughty boy).
  • Playtime: I can join in during pretend play such as having tea parties or even real life role play scenarios. I can even come over to the park with you and give you some tips on how I tackle new social environments.

I hope to ‘pawsitively’ enhance every clients’ therapy treatment and to help to make therapy an enjoyable, creative  and fun space.

Can’t wait to lick your hand and sniff your bottom!

Come see me and my Mum, Genevieve at Mullum Road Croydon.