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Lucy Romano

My name is Lucy Romano and I started working at the Mullum Road Psychology Clinic in Eltham recently.

I was a late bloomer and studied psychology when I was 40 years old. I was keen to learn and enjoyed the stimulation of learning. Prior to this, I had worked in traditional social work roles for Child Protection, family and support services, and community health. Psychology has provided me with the opportunity to work with a range of people who need support. I have always been passionate about empowering individuals, building resilience, and promoting self-worth and feel that my work as a psychologist reflects a commitment to these values. I provide counselling for people with various mental health issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, relational and adjustment issues and low self-esteem. I have a holistic approach to therapy but have specific training in cognitive behaviour therapy and psychodynamic therapy. I also use a strength-based approach and mindfulness.

I feel privileged to work at Mullum, because of their commitment to women and children and their Animal Assisted Therapy program. I have always been an animal lover and appreciate the companionship that animals can bring to our lives.


I myself have two 12 year old cats, Remmie and Dexter. They are of course independent and highly intelligent but also very loving and affectionate. They are a great source of amusement and seem to find pleasure in the simplest of things. A piece of string, some crumpled paper, or a single leaf blown across the pavement. I am also fascinated by their capacity to simply relax and snooze when the mood takes them. I feel that they are good role models when it comes to living in the moment and have taught me much about the value of simply chilling out.


Lucy Romano

Generalist Psychologist

BA (Psych), Grad. Dip (Psych), Masters of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)