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Introducing Luna-Belle!
Luna-Belle is a two-year-old Samoyed who is best known for her friendly smile and high fives. Luna-Belle smiles at everyone that she meets and loves making new animal and human friends. Luna-Belle is most often described as a cloud with legs or a marshmallow. She is as soft as she looks and loves getting pats on her chest and a belly rub! Her soft white coat is hypoallergenic, keeps her warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Luna-Belle has a playful, inquisitive and sensitive nature. She loves to go on her daily walks and treats each day as a new adventure.


What is your pet’s favourite game?

Luna-Belle loves to be play chased by her family, while she runs away smugly with her soft toy. When she wants to play, she will bring you one soft toy, and then another, and another until you play with her. She will usually look back to make sure you’re still chasing her and makes an effort to make sure everyone in the family has a chance to join in.

What is a bad habit that your pet has?

Luna-Belle enjoys eating tissues, paper and cardboard. She loves opening Christmas presents with her family; however, she finds it hard to wait until Christmas day!!


What is your favourite thing to do together?

Luna-Belle loves to have a lazy Sunday morning cuddles on the bed. We also enjoy having walks together and meeting our friends at the dog park. During the week, Luna-Belle and I look forward to going to work together and will often share our lunch.

What is the best thing about your pet?

Luna-Belle is very in-tuned with how others are feeling and tends to brighten everyone’s day with her gentle nature and a warm smile.

What is the best memory involving your pet?

Luna-Belle had the special title of dog of honour at our wedding. She had a unique role of greeting guests, walking down the aisle, giving kisses to her parents, high fives to her friends and posing for photos. Her beautiful smile stole the spotlight, and it made our day to have her by our side.


Does your pet have a nickname, and what is it?

Some of her nicknames include Luna, Lu, Lu-Lu, princess and sweetheart.

What is your pets’ favourite food?

Luna-Belle’s is very fussy about food and will reject most human treats, including chips, pizza and vegetables! Her picky eating has made training quite tricky, as she’s not interested in her edible rewards. However, we have found out that Luna-Belle loves to make people happy and will usually do a trick or two just to make you smile and hear that she’s a good girl.

What is something your pet doesn’t like?

Luna-Bell’s sensitive nature has caused her to get scared around loud noises. She used to be scared of cars as they drove past and would close her eyes and stand on the spot. With a little patience, love and praise, Luna-Belle has overcome her fears and is confident around moving cars. She does, however, still gets frightened of the noise of the wind and thunder. During windy days, Luna-Belle likes to lie under a blanket which covers her ears and eyes, but leaves her nose out so she can breathe. She will often come and sit on someone’s lap during these moments for comfort and protection.


Have you ever taught your pet any tricks if so, which ones?

Luna can do lots of tricks! She loves to play a game where she figures out which one of your two closed hands is holding a treat. She has been taught to jump through a hoop and can give an epic high-five!

Luna works with Kathleen Cunningham on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Mullum Road Ringwood. Make sure you say hello if you see us, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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