Marley is Minilop rabbit. He is currently 3 months old. His ears will flop when he is fully grown around 6 months. Marley loves bok choy, spinach and carrots. He dislikes loud noises, being picked up with no notice and when his stuff around his pen unexpectedly. Rabbits use body language to communicate. There are distinct poses and behaviours to let you know he is happy, safe and calm and also when he feels unsafe or upset.
marley relaxed 1

When rabbits are happy they binky which is a happy little jump for joy or head twitch. Marley likes to stay in his pen at first when meeting people to listen and check if he feels safe. Once he feels safe he will often hop out and inspect the visitor giving a binky if he feels happy and calm. When Marley is really happy he does zoomies which are random fast runs across the room. The ultimate sign of rabbit calmness is a rabbit flop. Legs outstretch means Marley feels safe enough to get into a comfy position. This doesn’t happen all the time as rabbits in the wild have to keep their guard up and be ready to run. To get a flop from Marley is the ultimate ‘I like you and feel safe around you’.

marley staring at camera

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