Meet little Maxie.
He is an Australian Cobber Dog !
He is just a little 12 week old pup.

Maxie is from a breeder in NSW called Tegan.
He is the newest member of our little pack.

Some fun facts about little Maxie.

What is your pets’ favourite food?
Maxie loves his fruit, especially apple.

What is your pet’s favourite game
Maxie loves to chase Honey.
We think he thinks Honey is a sheep.

What is your favourite thing to do together?
Hang out as a pack and go for small walks around the backyard while he is growing

What is a bad habit that your pet has?
Maxie loves to nip at you and eat your glasses. He is teething.

What is the best thing about your pet?
Everything. We adore him.

What is the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done?
Eat the new bed we purchased
Eat my new prescription glasses

What is the hardest thing about being a pet owner?
Leaving when going on a holiday. When they are sick.
Watching them grow up too quickly.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner?
Everything. Life is better with a dog.

Does your pet have a nickname and what is it? Maximus, Max a million, Boggo the Doggo.

Have you ever thought your pet any tricks if so, what?
Sascha is teaching Maxie how to spin and go under her leg one at a time.

Max will be joining the new therapy animals at Mullum Road soon to do the AAT course.

Max will be regularly at Mullum Road awaiting lots of cuddles.

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