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Meet Milo
Milo is a Cattle Dog x Poodle x mutt extraordinaire !
Milo is 5 years old.
Milo was rescued from the Victorian pounds by starting over dog rescue (SODS).

Some fun facts about Milo.

What is your pets’ favourite food?
If there is food around or you are eating, Milo will wait patiently for any scraps to drop.
He has eaten a birthday cake, plenty of left over sandwiches on tables and most recently a salad wrap with beetroot in it (when I left the room for 1 minute!).
What is your pet’s favourite game.
Milo loves to play fetch but he can not quite let go of the ball.

What is your favourite thing to do together?
Go for walks around the neighbourhood.
Milo loves to work and to chase things all night.
He is an active little guy despite his cute fluffy ness.
Must be the cattle dog

What is a bad habit that your pet has?
Many. Jumping up, humping his blankets, barking at nothing and destroying toys.

What is the best thing about your pet?
His gorgeous soft nature.
He is a sweet little guy who is usually a favourite for visitors and clients.

What is the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done?
Run away with his fur brother Louis.
Dig to get to the neighbours chooks.
Chase possums all night.

What is the funniest thing about your pet ?
He looks like a little teddy bear.
He is very unique being an extreme mutt.

What is the hardest thing about being a pet owner?
Leaving when going on a holiday.
When they are sick.
Watching them grow up too quickly.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner?
Everything. Life is better with a dog or two or three or four.

Milo has completed the AAT course with Parti and can not wait to do the advanced with the other teams at Mullum Road soon!

Milo loves coming to work at Mullum Road Ringwood.


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