Pets and Wellness – Benefits

More and more research is being done in the field of psychology, to understand the impact pets and animals can have on our well-being.
At Mullum Road Clinic in Ringwood, Victoria we specialise in several therapies, with some of our psychologists now offering Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Of course this wouldn’t be possible without four highly valued members of our team.

Three years ago, we welcomed four dogs into our practice to work alongside our trained psychologists. Our professional pooches, Casper, Parti, Bronson, and Milo, along with their psychologist partners, have attained AAT certifications after undertaking official dog training courses.AAT_DAY_5[1]

Young people are especially drawn to our canine assistants at Mullum Road Clinic. Thanks to our investment in AAT, we’re seeing clients experience a reduction in anxiety and stress during counselling sessions. We’ve found that younger patients are easier to interact and communicate with and purely by having one of our comforting dogs in the room alongside the therapist.

What Is the Role of Therapy Dogs?
Therapy dogs are used to teach empathy and mirror conventional interpersonal and social communication in sessions.

Additional Benefits of Animals on Your Well-being
The psychologists also extremely dedicated to their jobs – all embark on further training and undertake research into the latest advances in the industry in order to ensure Mullum Road Clinic is at the cutting edge of the industry. For this reason we were recently included in an article by Bupa Pet Insurance on The Health Benefits of Having Pets‘.

The article goes beyond the role of therapy dogs, to espouse the benefits of pet ownership for a host of reasons. Amongst these, they provide a number of ways in which simply owning a dog or other pets can help combat anxiety and depression by establishing a routine, encouraging exercise and providing constant companionship.

If you want to know more about AAT or other psychological treatments, make sure to get in touch with our professional team. Our experienced and passionate psychologists have treated families, adults, adolescents, couples and children of all ages with excellent results. Each member of our staff specialises in different therapies and are all registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA).