Ragdoll is named after her breed. Living up to her name, she is known to flop (to her side) upon patting. Juxtaposing her doll-like qualities, she is also fierce and determined, very rarely does she show signs of fear.

Ragdoll has interactive play sessions every day, putting her hunting skills on full display - jumping high in the air, and sprinting to catch her favorite toys. She can do circus tricks; jumping through hoops, and will even give you a hi-five!!

Ragdoll is not intimidated by new people and will let strangers give her a pat. She is a happy girl, purring often. Most importantly, she speaks her mind, letting you know through her vocalisations what she does and does not want. She is an excellent companion and enjoys the company of humans.

I work with...

Melanie Thomas

Provisional Psychologist