Rocky Pellegrino is a registered provisional psychologist who has experience working with adolescents aged 12 and above. He is currently completing a Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology with Monash University and has recently been working in the Public School system.

Rocky's main areas of interest include sexuality and gender, Autism, ADHD, and anxiety. As a gay male therapist himself, Rocky is especially passionate about working with the LGBTQIA+ community to provide psychological support in an affirming way.

Rocky believes that no single therapy style will suit all clients or all client's needs and therefore works within an integrative therapeutic approach, placing the clients at the center of the therapy session, whilst integrating evidence-based techniques from a variety of therapeutic approaches to suit the client's personality and therapeutic goals.

Rocky has always been an animal lover and has seen first hand how the human-animal bond can improve therapy outcomes. He plans to incorporate animal-assisted therapy into his practice, and hopes to have his dog Milo join him at the clinic soon.

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