Sarah is a neurodiverse (autistic / ADHD) counsellor and former teacher. She particularly enjoys working with and for other neurodiverse people, especially adolescents. As a counsellor, Sarah is focused on finding solutions with an individual by using a client centred, neuro-affirming approach that considers each client's unique circumstances. She practices Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, having found this to be the most useful therapy in her many years of lived experience and medical misdiagnosis'. Currently she is studying Animal Assisted Interventions and is hoping her Groodle, Lestat, will soon qualify to work with clients.

Previously, Sarah has worked as a secondary school wellbeing coordinator and as a learning support officer in a trauma informed educational setting. Her observations in these roles, as well as her lived experience of being neurodiverse and living with an invisible disability (POTS/CFS), motivates her to look for ways to improve systems and build community, while also building the capacity of individuals to cope within those structures, based on their own strengths, challenges and interests.

Sarah's many special interests include dogs (she has three - ask about them any time!), writing, poetry, animals - especially guinea pigs, philosophy, history, karaoke, stand up comedy, horror movies, cooking, fashion, drama, art, nature, camping, research, health, wellbeing, reading and all topics neuro-diversity!

In addition to working with her team of guinea pigs, Sarah’s Groodle, Lestat, is now joining her as a therapy dog in training. Lestat loves meeting new clients, but please be aware he is still working on a few of his manners, as he is quite young.