Sootie is a two-year-old Groodle from Northern Nights  Groodles in Gippsland. He completed the therapy dog training in 2019 as a young dog. He is very suited to working with clients of all ages as he is very reliable and gentle. Sootie loves being with people and is very tuned into people’s moods. Sootie will often hop up on the couch next to the client and sit close to them. He offers support to all who enter the room simply by his steady and predictable presence.

Sootie loves his life on the farm. He enjoys walking around the property when we do the feeding rounds each morning and evening. He is very good with the cats and responds well to tone of voice. Sootie also seems to enjoy learning new things like walking across the plank in the photo above. He is a fast learner and is prepared to give most things a go.

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Leanne Winter