Hi there! My name is Theo. I am a straight hair cavoodle. I was born December 15th 2021. I work with psychologist Lara, at both the Eltham and Ringwood clinic.

I would describe myself as very affectionate, playful, and comforting. I absolutely love meeting new people. When I meet you for the first time, I will get very excited! Sometimes my body/tail is wagging so much from excitement that I fall over! Mum does describe me as a little bit clumsy. I have been known to walk into walls, and fall off couches.

My favourite things to do are walkies with mum, tricks (I love to shake hands), playing tug of war, or fetch! I have recently learnt how to bring the ball back which is exciting and hours of entertainment for me.

Mum loves to dress me in lots of different jumpers/clothes. Here are some photos of my favourite outfits.

I cannot wait to meet you!

I work with...

Lara Tate