Therapy Dog Bronson on Instagram

Bronson the Labradoodle is our newest trained Animal Assisted Therapy dog at Mullum Road Clinic. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy that involves using animals as a form of treatment.

Psychologist Christine Grove will now be offering AAT with her therapy dog Bronson, a labradoodle. They have just completed the Intensive Therapy-Dog Handlers Course at Alpha Professional Canine Trainers and will be  working at the clinic from October 2015.

11379947_507535409394313_368130430_n Bronson is an Australian Labradoodle, just over one year old and is a beautiful Chocolate    brown colour. A Labraddodle is a crossbreed dog, by crossing a Labrador Retriever and a  Poodle. They have a happy friendly manner, keen and easy to train. Their kindness and  intelligence can attract trainers wanting special dogs for therapy dogs.

You can also follow Bronson in his daily activities and adventures on Instagram. You will be  able to see what he likes doing throughout the day and he takes quite a good photo! Bronson particularly loves sticks, having snacks and playing ball. These adventures can be in a favourite park or even strolling along the beach. Bronson also just likes chilling out, sometimes with his canine friends.

Bronson the Therapy Dog and Psychologist Christine Grove look forward to meeting many new faces and some familiar ones too, at Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists.

Christine Grove (Psychologist)
Child & Adolescent Psychologist (Associate MAPS)
Teaching Associate
Mpsych(Ed/Dev)/PhD Candidate
Monash University Australia