Veronica and Timber: Provisional psychologist and therapy dog

Hi …. my name is Veronica, and this is Timber. Together we are embarking on a new career in psychology. As an arts psychotherapist now entering the world of psychology I feel as if I bring an innovative approach to my work, one that is unique, creative and flexible. My background in Art Therapy and recent studies in psychology offer my clients a strong foundation from which to build authentic therapeutic relationships, and develop collaborative inquires for positive change.

My evolving identity as a psychologist is integrative, varied and one that honours and reflects the human experience. This includes my most recent venture into Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). What a dream come true! Animal Assisted Therapy is an approach that respects the powerful bond that occurs between humans and animals. The presence of animals can relieve stress, companion people on difficult journeys and provide opportunities to build meaningful relationships. Timber is a gentle and affectionate girl. She knows when to run, play and, when to rest her head on a lap to give comfort.

Sand-tray and play therapies are also passions of mine. These therapies are invaluable in offering all, but especially children the opportunity to express and unpack experiences, thoughts and feelings. For example:

My kelpie hospital offers the chance to play out personal stories and symbolically heal through treating the furry patients.

The sand-tray in contrast provides the opportunity to play out battles of inner conflicts and mixed emotions.

In the coming years I hope to extend my skills in other evidence-based practices such as emotion focused therapy, schema therapy and mindfulness. I also hope to extend my knowledge and expertise in the area of ‘IDENTITY’. I find it fascinating how the perceptions of our experience, stories and memories can shape who we think we are, and I can’t wait to get stuck into exploring this phenomenon.

So, why work with people….. Well, there is a special kind of magic that happens when honest connections are made, authentic relationships are built for positive change, when words are really heard and when potentials are reached.

In addition to my work I also love my garden, boxing and being outside in the elements with my dog. These things keep me focused and in the present moment.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little.

Veronica and Timber