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Violet is a young black Labrador, with a calm and placid nature. Although, when she sees other dogs she gets very excited and wants to zoom around!

Violet had a career change from training to be a Seeing Eye Dog to becoming a Therapy Dog, and it seems she has found her calling! Violet loves meeting new people and watching those who come to visit her learn new skills and feel more confident.

Violet delights in getting pats from visitors to the clinic and performing tricks for treats (carrot pieces are her favourite!). Violet can shake hands, high 5, crawl, spin and roll over. She is always up for a new challenge, if you have one?

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Violet has begun learning to respond to a few Auslan signs such as stop, come, sit and more, she thinks she is pretty clever!

Violet enjoys going for walks and sniffing everything along the way, smell is her favourite sense. She also can’t get enough of playing with balls that squeak and a tug of war challenge.

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Violet is always happy for some quiet time too, lying on people’s feet or if they're sitting on the ground, resting her head on their lap for pats. Violet is always ready to lie on someone’s legs or chest to help them feel calmer.

Violet can be very affectionate, we are working on not giving out too many licks/kisses! She can be full of attitude at times too, especially if she thinks it is time for a treat!

I work with...

Alsyha Somers

 Occupational Therapist
Bachelor of Health Science (BHS), Masters of Occupational Therapy (MOTP)